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Everything bears the consequences of time, even something as durable as asphalt. It is always preferable to address problems as soon as possible if your driveway is beginning to show symptoms of deterioration.

Maintaining your asphalt while problems are still minor is always the more cost-effective course of action because problems with your asphalt will only become more expensive to fix with time.

It’s time for repairs if you notice any of the following on your blacktop driveway or path:

– Cracking or potholes
– Dull color or rough texture
– Uneven asphalt surface
– Water collecting in low points

The team at Tiptop Blacktop Asphalt Company has seen and done it all, so the good news is that we will gladly offer wise, straightforward advise on any asphalt driveway repairs you may need.

Asphalt Pothole Filling:

Asphalt potholes are unattractive and sometimes dangerous. Initially appearing as cracks, potholes frequently enlarge and get larger over time. Driving over these holes simply makes matters worse by shattering loose pavement fragments and enlarging the hole. When water seeps into pot holes, it can erode and wash away the base layer, causing the area around it to sag and producing a low point where water will pool and make the problem worse.

We can confidently evaluate any potholes you may have because we have seen it all. A pothole patch is frequently necessary, which involves cutting away a square of your asphalt pavement, re-laying and packing the base, and then laying new asphalt on top. This is where hiring a reputable Boynton Beach asphalt paver is crucial. The proper tools and skills will guarantee a durable restoration and shield it from future slumps or low points.

Asphalt Crack Repair:

Have you spotted any driveway cracks? Give us a call if you live in the Boynton Beach region and are wondering why your asphalt is cracking so badly; no matter what the source, we can find the best affordable solution to your issue.

Asphalt (or any other type of pavement) will inevitably develop cracks over time. Numerous things can produce cracks in asphalt, so it’s crucial to know why they occurred before trying to find a fix. Poorly built bases, severe vehicle loads, water intrusion or drainage problems, damage from tree roots, or simply the pavement’s age can all lead to cracking in asphalt. Although they come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, it is usually preferable to have cracks fixed as soon as possible. We have examined each one and fixed it! Crack sealing and filling are our areas of expertise.

For assistance in determining the sort of cracks that your pavement may be experiencing, visit our page on different forms of asphalt cracks.

Give us a call if you require a trustworthy asphalt repair company in Boynton Beach!

Asphalt Patch Repair:

We can execute a patch repair if a small portion of your asphalt pavement has deteriorated but the bulk is still in good shape. After examining the base and raising or lowering the portion as necessary, we remove the top layer of failing asphalt. Next, a brand-new asphalt layer was added, ready to provide service for many more years. The driveway should then be completely sealed to integrate the new with the old and maintain its lovely appearance for many years to come.

Call the specialists if you have any inquiries regarding asphalt patches or potholes.

Asphalt Resurfacing and New Installations:

The best and usually most affordable approach is to have your asphalt resurfaced if it is really old or has previously been ignored. 

The best choice will be an asphalt repave or new installation if the base has sustained considerable damage or if it was put in improperly. Visit our page on Asphalt Resurfacing and New Installations for more details on these choices.

Make us your first pick for all of your asphalt repairs in Boynton Beach. Call us right away!

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