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When someone approaches your house, they first see your driveway. The value and curb appeal of your home will rise thanks to a properly installed and maintained asphalt driveway.

At Tiptop Blacktop Asphalt Company, we take pleasure in building and maintaining asphalt roads that are not only attractive but also durable over the long term.

Make us your first pick if you require any form of asphalt paving in Boynton Beach.

Asphalt Driveway Sealing

Spreading a thin layer of asphalt sealant over the current pavement is a procedure known in the paving industry as “sealcoating” or “asphalt resealing.”

It can significantly increase the lifespan of your asphalt pavement, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

Seal coating asphalt has a number of important functions:

It seals out water:

Minor fractures and a top layer that is porous can allow water to seep through the asphalt, producing separation and the emergence of small cracks. Larger cracks let more water to seep through, potentially damaging the underlying layer and increasing the likelihood of slumps and potholes. Re-sealing the asphalt can help interrupt this cycle by repairing minor flaws and irregularities before they become major issues.

It protects your asphalt from oil, gas, and UV rays:

The large amount of hours of sunshine we see here in South Florida may be hard on our driveways. Your asphalt pavement can be shielded from damaging UV rays with sealcoating, preventing damage to the bottom layers.

Additionally, it helps guard against corrosive substances like coolant, oil, and fuel leaks from your car. A blacktop driveway or path can’t last very long without this protective barrier.

It bonds the top layer of pavement:

The top layer of your drive or path can become damaged by the sun, caustic substances, and normal use. This can cause erosion and give your driveway a harsh, beaten-up appearance. Asphalt’s top layer can be bound together and erosive processes slowed down with sealcoating.

It looks amazing:

Re-sealing your driveway not only preserves the pavement’s structural integrity but also improves its aesthetic appeal. Nothing looks more alluring than newly paved pavement, which has a rich, jet-black appearance. It will raise your home’s value, enhance curb appeal, and maintain good relations with your neighbours.

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